Advertising has gotten WAY out of control and appears in virtually every part of our lives. This feels particularly egregious to me. The first time I see this, I'm selling my TV and computer and moving to a cabin in the woods to make pottery out of mud.

@mike who in their right mind subjects themselves to ads right before going to sleep?

Maybe people need to learn to just put the damn screen away for a while before bedtime. Then maybe they also wouldn't be "suffering from blue light" and all this other nonsense.


@fedops @mike I make use of the Digital Wellbeing settings to activate Bedtime Mode at 22:00: Greyscale, Do Not Disturb, and notification icons in the tray and lock screen are hidden from view. I also have it setup so starred contacts can bypass DND, in case my mother needs to get a hold of me in the middle of the night.

Digital Wellbeing definitely helps me put the devices (phone and tablet) away when it's time for bed.

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@TheDefiant604 I really should do that. I have the worst before bedtime behavior. I usually watch a show or two with my wife, and then we catch up on all the news and daily goings on on our phones right before bed. Everything I've ever read says this is BAD, and yet I still do it.


@mike @TheDefiant604 I'd suggest a "calm down period" before bedtime. Same as with a spacecraft, you can't just stop - you need to slow down first. 😁

* spot the reference

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