Gross Parent Stuff 

I realize that there are "gross" requirements for parents, but somehow it feels like I'm not doing this the right way when my kid, when asked to take a spoon full of cough medicine, throws up because it tastes so bad, and then I'm expected to stick my hand into a warm pile of puke to get that cleaned up. One of these things is actually super gross, and it's not a spoon of medicine.

Sorry for the rant. Now I've got to go wash my hands again.


Gross Parent Stuff 


I remember once when I was a kid, I had a cold... Slight cough, really runny nose. Mom was at work, or something, and a babysitter was looking after me and my sisters. I don't remember what I said, but she knew I was about to spew. She held a Kleenex over her cupped hands and I proceeded to fill her hands with a pile of swallowed mucus; no food, just mucus.

I cannot fathom how she held it together. Spectacular care giver, I guess.

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